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Scare Yourself!

3 Jan

When I think about my aspirations in life, I get excited and a bit scared at the same time.

From my life experiences so far, I have truly learned that life is what happens when you’re busy making plans. However, that doesn’t mean that creating an outline for how you want your future to be is wrong by any means. I believe that despite what life throws at you, if you want it bad enough anything you aspire to do is possible. Plan A, B or C may not lead you there, but you have to remember that we live in a world of possibilities.

So my challenge this year is to continue to work towards my dreams even if they scare me. I know the road to them may be hard and filled with challenges, but I also know the result of reaching those goals is more than worth the fear.Scare Yourself

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~Love Always, Taylor LN~

Seasons Greetings

24 Dec

Thank you for visiting my blog today and from me to you…


~Love Always, Taylor LN~

Merry Christmas Eve

24 Dec

This is how our holiday favourites really feel lol

Merry Christmas Eve 🙂


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Toss A Coin

21 Dec

Try this next time you need to make a choice


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Just One Wish…

20 Dec

If you had one wish, what would you wish for?

If your wish in life is to become rich and successful, there are many examples, routes and how to guides to get you there. In my case, there is no how to guide and I have more ‘scientific’ evidence pointing me away from my dreams rather than to it.

My Wish 

So whats my wish? If I had just one wish I would give anything to get my full health back. One of the toughest things I’ve had to deal with over the past four years, is knowing what my goal is, but having no idea how to get there. It’s as if you are waiting on a bridge that’s been split in two, and you’re left wondering how you are going to drive across to the other side. It is truly the most frustrating and heartbreaking feeling I’ve ever experienced.

My Plan

Similarly to the bridge, reaching my goal is a daunting task to say the least. It is up to me to create my own route and take control of my future and stray away from what ‘society’ says is possible.


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~Love Always, Taylor LN~