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18 Feb

It’s crazy for me to wrap my head around the fact that before the end of this year I am going to turn 20! What’s even wilder for me to imagine is that a quarter of my life has been spent as a quadriplegic.

Reflecting over the past almost five years, I’ve truly learned soo much about myself. I’ve learned just how fragile life is and how far emotionally, physically, and mentally I can be pushed and challenged.

I’ve learned to accept life for what it is, and I try to learn and grow from the constant lessons, life tends to throw my way.

One of the biggest life lessons I’ve learned is…

“Sometimes the most hurtful thing is the silence of friends, not the words of enemies”

I’ve had to grow apart from some of the closest people to me, and it has been a very painful experience. To go from hanging out, spending every waking hour and entrusting people with your darkest and most private secrets, to having absolutely no contact with them is frustrating and heartbreaking.

I, a few years ago, could not begin to picture my life without them.

Some people might wonder what happened between us. Up until recently, I often asked myself the same question.

Fortunately after many years and a great deal of growth, I’ve finally had closure and an understanding regarding those relationships.

During the most difficult times in my life, that’s when I needed my friends the most. Unfortunately some people in my life couldn’t step up to the plate. It’s not that they said anything ill towards me, or spread rumors behind my back, it’s their silence that killed our friendship.

Their disappearance, lack of support and lack of compassion was bewildering.When I did see them, it was as if I was staring at a stranger. I began to slowly recognize the distance in our relationship and it regrettably took me a long time to let them go. Don’t get me wrong I don’t expect the world from my friends, I just expected them to be what they should be, a friend.

Through that painful and long lesson, I’ve learned to value the friends I have in my life even more and I learned the hard way that “Sometimes the most hurtful thing is the silence of friends, not the words of enemies”

~Love Always, Taylor LN~


Be Yourself

1 Feb

Lately everywhere I look, there are constant reminders that Valentine’s Day is around the corner. February 14, the day to handout Valentine’s Day cards, receive boxes of chocolate, and be with the one that you love. Unfortunately for me this is going to be my 19th year celebrating this holiday single.

Now before I go any further and get called out for sounding bitter, I’m not. However like most single people who have never experienced love, it’s something we look forward to. That mystery of what if it feels like when you love someone and they love you just as much.

And then theres the questions that no one can seem to answer. What does it feel like to be in love? How do you differentiate love, lust and admiration? Is being in love truly all its cracked up to be? These are questions I’ve been asking for years, with the same answer, ‘Once you’re in love, you just know’! I guess in my case and for all single people out there, patience truly is a virtue.

As an optimist and huge Disney fan, I believe there is a prince charming out there for everyone. As for me, I’ve yet to find mine, but Im choosing to believe he’s on route to the ball.

Happy Friday 🙂

Photo courtesy of Instagram

Photo courtesy of Instagram

~Love Always, Taylor LN~

Our Deepest Fear…

28 Jan

Last night I watched ‘Coach Carter’. Though I’ve seen this movie close to a dozen times, I think many people would agree that it never gets old.

One of my favourite parts of the movie is when the character Timo Cruz recites Nelson Mandela’s Inaugural Speech. It is such a powerful quote and equally powerful part of the movie. I absolutely love the message in his speech and this is the inspiration I’m holding close with me this week and in life!!

Happy Monday 🙂

Our Deepest Fear

Photo courtesy of Etsy

~Love Always, Taylor LN~

What About Us? (Song Sundays)

13 Jan
Photo courtesy of Thatgrapejuice.net

Photo courtesy of Thatgrapejuice.net

This week I was introduced to a new British band called ‘The Saturdays’. They have 11 top ten singles on the British charts and they’re slowly moving into the American market base. After hearing all of this I decided to give them a listen. Needless to say, they’re pretty good and their songs are extremely catchy. I have been playing their song ‘What About Us’ on repeat.

As they slowly invade America I’ve heard that they also have a new reality show on E! called ‘Chasing The Saturdays’ that’s starting very soon. I’m looking forward to watching that as well.

I hope everyone has a great Sunday!

~Love Always, Taylor LN~

Be You, and Be Okay With It

9 Jan

Inspiration I’m taking with me today!

Be You, and Be Okay With ItIMG_3832

Photo: Evan Carmichael Blog

~Love Always, Taylor LN~