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Mrs. Carter World Tour!!!

4 Feb

Last night Beyonce was absolutely incredible during her halftime performance. I, as well as many millions of people around the world would love to be able to command a stage like she can. All she has to do is stand and smize (smiling with your eyes) just the slightest bit, and she can have crowds of thousands screaming in disbelief. She has that IT factor that is intangiable. Along wih her flawless voice and killer bod, the Destiny’s Child reunion had me giddy and brought me back to my childhood.

Photo courtesy of InterAksyon

Photo courtesy of InterAksyon

Wait There’s More!

As a good friend of mine, William Reid, would say, hold onto your life alert kids! If a Destiny’s Child reunion and Beyonce at the halftime show wasn’t enough, Queen Bey announced that she will be going on a WORLD TOUR! I just about lost it after this announcement. I have been fortunate enough to attend one Beyonce concert in my life, and now with this world tour, I’ll be able to experience her talent in person for the second time!

As you can probably tell, I can barely contain my enthusiasm! Her concerts are truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience and I’m so excited that she will be coming back to Toronto.

Even though I don’t have tickets, because they are not even on sale yet, I’m very hopeful that I’ll be able to snag one up before they’re sold out and attend this concert of a lifetime.

Mrs. Carter World Tour here I come!

Photo courtesy of additiontolife.com

Photo courtesy of additiontolife.com

~Love Always, Taylor LN~


Song Sundays!!

6 Jan

Music has and will always be such an important aspect of my life. At the age of five I started playing piano and by the time I was 14 I was a grade eight classically trained pianist. Even though I was classically trained, I have a love for just about every genre of music. I constantly have my iTunes library playing and when it is on shuffle my music collection could range from Taylor Swift, to Kanye West, to Bob Marley, to my favourite singer of all time Beyonce!

So starting today I will be sharing my favourite song of the day every Sunday. This could range from the new top single that I’m absolutely loving to a throwback song from my childhood.

Waterfalls by TLCToday’s song of the day is ‘Waterfalls’ by TLC. Growing up TLC was right up there for me amongst some of my favourite music groups. Some of my other favs included N Sync, Spice Girls, Destiny’s Child and even for a while O- Town (remember them?) It’s hard for me to imagine that ‘Waterfalls’ was released back in 1995 when I was only two years old, but it is easily one of my favourite songs of all time and a definite classic. I have had this song on repeat all morning and I just can’t get enough!

I guess that’s it for now, I hope you guys will enjoy Song Sundays as much as I do.

~Love Always, Taylor LN~