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Pinch, Punch!

1 Mar

Pinch, Punch First of the Month!

Hello March! It’s a new month and a new opportunity to build on the past and look forward to the possibilities of tomorrow!
Have a safe and great rest of your Friday!
Photo courtesy of Whimsically Random

Photo courtesy of Whimsically Random

~Love Always, Taylor LN~


A Little Pep Talk

29 Jan

Last night I stumbled upon an amazing video. The video in its simplest term is a pep talk.

The little kid who stars in the video who also goes by, Kid President, is absolutely infectious. Whether or not he wrote the script that he recites in the video, his passion and enthusiasm really engages you and makes you want to hear more.

Without giving away to much, I will say that this video will make you smile and really consider what he’s trying to get the world to do.

~Love Always, Taylor LN~

Merry Christmas Eve

24 Dec

This is how our holiday favourites really feel lol

Merry Christmas Eve 🙂


Photo: Virgin Radio

~Love Always, Taylor LN~

Toss A Coin

21 Dec

Try this next time you need to make a choice


Photo: Stumbleupon

~Love Always, Taylor LN~

Gossip Girl Forever!

17 Dec

the final season
It’s the end of an era! Quite possibly my favorite show on TV is sadly over.

The absolutely brilliant writers spun the six amazing seasons to an end and left the diehard fans with all their questions finally answered.

Without ruining the ending for all the fans who haven’t seen the final episode yet, Gossip Girl is finally revealed and to me the unveiling of the notorious blogger came as quite a bit of a surprise.

For now…

Gossip Girl: And who am I? That’s one secret I’ll never tell … You know you love me. XOXO, Gossip Girl
~Love Always, Taylor LN~