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Take A Moment…

27 Feb

In life one of the greatest gifts in my opinion is music. Music has the ability to transcend generations, races, and gender, and one of my favourite genres is R&B. This genre, although mainly dominated with songs about love and love making, at times produces music about subjects that truly make you see things in a different light.

Miguel is the perfect balance of these expectations. His album ‘Kaleidoscope Dream’ most definitely has songs about love such as, ‘Do You’ and ‘Adorn’ but the amazing thing is that he balances that with a beautiful song called ‘Candles In The Sun’ which I’m obsessed with. The lyrics are beautiful, the video a piece of cinematic art, his message strong, and his voice haunting.





~Love Always, Taylor LN~

Our Deepest Fear…

28 Jan

Last night I watched ‘Coach Carter’. Though I’ve seen this movie close to a dozen times, I think many people would agree that it never gets old.

One of my favourite parts of the movie is when the character Timo Cruz recites Nelson Mandela’s Inaugural Speech. It is such a powerful quote and equally powerful part of the movie. I absolutely love the message in his speech and this is the inspiration I’m holding close with me this week and in life!!

Happy Monday 🙂

Our Deepest Fear

Photo courtesy of Etsy

~Love Always, Taylor LN~

The Presidential Inauguration

21 Jan

Taking the day to watch the Inaguration of the 44th President of the United States of America, Barack Obama!

I couldn’t be more proud of his historical accomplishments and I wish him and his beautiful family nothing but the best for the next four years and a lifetime there after.

Photo courtesy of The White House

Photo courtesy of The White House

~Love Always, Taylor LN~

Be You, and Be Okay With It

9 Jan

Inspiration I’m taking with me today!

Be You, and Be Okay With ItIMG_3832

Photo: Evan Carmichael Blog

~Love Always, Taylor LN~

Three Kings

4 Jan

I came across this picture this morning and had to share it. I am forever grateful for the contribution and influence these three men have had on our world. Without them I couldn’t even begin to imagine where we would be as a society and how different my life could have been. Words can’t describe how much love and respect I have for Malcolm X, President Barack Obama and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Thank you for your sacrifices and continued impact you have left and continue to make in our world today.

Three Kings

Photo: Peace and Collaborative Development Network

~Love Always, Taylor LN~