Friday Favourites! Nail Polish Edition

18 Jan

One of the things I’ve had a fun time collecting over the past year and a half is nail polish! I even went as far as buying a nail rack that can hold over 60 different polishes and I’ve already started to run out of room! So today I’m counting down my top five favourite nail polishes of all time!

5. Smoke and Ashes

Photo courtesy of The Swatchaholic

Photo courtesy of The Swatchaholic

My fifth favourite nail polish is Smoke and Ashes by China Glaze. This polish is from ‘The Hunger Games Collection’ and I think it’s absolutely gorgeous! At times a pure black polish can look quite harsh on me, so the fact that this polish has subtle green sparkles makes it amongst my fav nail polishes!

4. Penny Talk

Penny Talk

Photo courtesy of Naz’s Nails

I have a bit of a love hate relationship with this polish. To start this polish is from Essie’s ‘Mirror Metallic Collection’ which includes other metallic colours including silver, gold, blue and purple. Unfortunately this nail polish dries very quickly which often leads to streak marks, however I love the colour soo much that the tricky application is worth the hassle!

3. Fiji

Photo courtesy of Knicks and Nails

Photo courtesy of Knicks and Nails

Fiji by Essie is every girls best friend. It is the perfect baby pink and a colour that truly looks great on all skin tones. I really don’t have to say much more because the colour speaks for itself and thats why it is among my favourites!

2. Set In Stones

Photo Courtesy of Beauty Frosting

Photo Courtesy of Beauty Frosting

Out of all the colours I’ve collected, Set In Stone is easily my most commonly used. Though I’ve never worn it alone, this sparkly top coat is perfect for an accent nail which is my favourite way to add personality to your manicure.

1. Mint Candy Apple

Mint Candy Apple

So here we are at number one! My favourite nail polish is Mint Candy Apple by Essie!! I’ve loved this colour for so long and it is definitely my go to polish. I like to do my nails every week and I am not very afraid to try bold colours, however when my creativity stops I can always rely on Mint Candy Apple. Although some people see this as a purely spring/summer colour, I love wearing it all year round. It’s such a beautiful green and is such a versatile and easy to wear colour for everyone! This is why it is my favourite!!!

 ~Love Always, Taylor LN~


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