Challenge The Norm!

13 Dec

I can’t believe it! A few moments ago I officially finished my first semester of university!!!!!

I am so ecstatic right now and this moment is so beyond surreal. Some might think these emotions stem from me being done exams, but there is something else that’s driving my euphoria.

University was a path I always knew I’d take in life. Even after my injury I knew that higher education was the route for me despite all the statistics and barriers.

To The Doubters…

Many people were a bit surprised with my choice to apply to Ryerson’s Radio and Television Arts program because quite frankly I don’t think they believed I’d be accepted. Even I at times felt a sense of worry and doubt when waiting for my acceptance letter. When I finally was accepted, I was so relieved because I had finally accomplished a goal I had had for a long time, as well as I really had no backup plan lol

Only Half The Journey!393503_10152118704225204_1541325448_n

Getting in was only half the work because I knew I still had to prove to myself that I could really follow through with it. I’m happy to say that despite my injury I’ve had an extremely positive first semester of university. I love my program, the professors, the friends I’ve made and I can’t wait for what lies ahead.

I’m going to continue to challenge the status quo and I challenge you all to do so as well 🙂

~Love Always, Taylor LN~


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