Play Safe Initiative!

10 Dec

One thing that I take joy in doing is motivational speaking! I have been fortunate, over the last two years specifically, to have been offered to speak and share my story with varying crowds.
Some of these amazing opportunities have included speaking at Ontario schools, corporate offices and hospitals around the city.

Play Safe
A few weeks ago I was contacted by the Play Safe Initiative (PSI) and was asked to speak at their event. Not knowing much about this organization I immediately took to their website and I was quite impressed at what I found. The PSI collaborates with coaches, athletes, health care providers and the community to promote safety in both recreational and professional sports. Seeing that I was formerly a gymnast that sustained an injury due to safety and communication issues, I understand the importance of collaborating with all these different groups of people to promote safety within sports.

Today I was fortunate to have the chance to network with a great group of people who are working together to change the mindset surrounding injuries in sports. I was also honoured to be one of two keynote speakers today alongside hockey legend/politician Ken Dryden. We both shared our respective stories on our connection to sports and injuries and it was an amazing opportunity to talk with lawyers, coaches, politicians, athletes, healthcare providers and members of the community.IMG_2298

If you want to learn more about the Place Safe Initiative check out their website:

~Love Always, Taylor LN~


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